Pandora Gifts for Valentine's Day

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Pandora Gifts for Valentine's Day

Post autor: touyan » 8 sty 2019, o 02:42

I still have the Pandora Jewelry Clearance Sale to get, but don’t know what else I would buy to make up the promo spend for any of these! :o I may just wait and save the Pumpkin as a surprise gift to myself at some point over the coming weeks . There’s something rather fun about spontaneously stopping in front of the store and being like, you know what, I will get something today! Or you know, I might do a promo. We shall see…! 😶

We begin with some traditional frosty Pandora Charms Clearance Sale – and one that’s less traditional! The Heart Melter is a funny little charm, and another of Pandora’s more quirky offerings this year. It’s actually made from murano glass, although I don’t know how they have done its googly eyes! The other beads here are more par for the course – while they have seasonally appropriate ‘frosty’ names, most of them are quite abstract in design and could be used in lots of different ways. My favourite is the beauty ruby-coloured version of the Dazzling Snowflake.

Hi Ellie, I’m so happy that you’re Pandora Earrings Clearance Sale. I love reading your posts and always look forward to see your creations. You have quite the eye to see what will look good together. Ellie, I’m from Canada and have purchased from Ruelala before they stopped shipping Pandora out of the US. What do you mean by we can opt for a freight forwarding service? When I log onto my account and view the Pandora items, the add to cart field is greyed out. What am I doing wrong????


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